Our Story

Through personal experience we know it’s often the little things that make a big difference – soft tissues, lip balm, or a tasty treat.  Seniors, especially those in retirement homes, regularly ask for and appreciate practical items that can make their everyday a little more enjoyable.

We also know that families and friends are increasingly busy, live out of town, or can’t visit as often as they would like.  Lovefrom.ca is making it easy and convenient to show you care when you can’t be there while making sure that seniors have the familiar items that they love and appreciate.

Developed through research with family members, caregivers and residents themselves, lovefrom.ca provides the brand name products most often requested and delivers them in a box on a one time or monthly basis.  Each box is personalized so that the recipient knows who is sending it.

Not only do residents get the joyful experience of receiving a lovefrom.ca box monthly, families can avoid duplication or run-outs on the enjoyables and essentials for their loved ones.

our founders

Lovefrom.ca was started by two “olderpreneurs” and former business executives who live in Southern Ontario.  They are passionate about keeping things simple and making it easy for others to show they care.  This venture builds on their shared love of shopping, practical gift-giving and giving back.

“My 93 year old mother has been in a retirement home for many years. I know she does not have much room for, or need of, many extras. She still, however, always appreciates the little things that I bring to her on a regular basis – lip balm, hard candies, and hand lotion. She also enjoys giving out Werthers to say thanks to her favourite caregivers. This inspired our caregiver thank you buttons and keeping many of the items the same from month to month.”

“Many years ago, I was visiting my mother in palliative care and the woman in the bed beside her told me that her family lived out of town. She was struggling with the harshness of the hospital soap and longed for a bar of Dove. I got her some soap and still remember her sheer joy and heartfelt appreciation for what seemed like such a small thing. Two days later she passed away. This experience stayed with me and was the genesis of the lovefrom.ca concept. It is also the reason we include Dove soap in the monthly box.”